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Liz. Is. Amazing. She is an artist. She did my hair for my wedding and five of my bridesmaids by herself. Every girl had a different style that Liz designed based on the girls tastes, but within the theme I wanted for the wedding. I did my own make up and Liz helped me tweak it. But most importantly, I was dealing with family issues the morning of the wedding, and Liz acted like a second mom to me, keeping me relaxed and ultimately being the one to stay with me until I walked downstairs and fixing my train before I walked down the aisle. Liz did a wonderful job on our hair, but she was also my saving grace the day of my wedding. I will always be grateful and would absolutely recommend her.
Wedding: 10/19/2013
— Katie
Liz is AMAZING! She made me look and feel PERFECT on my wedding day! She’s super organized and went way above and beyond on our wedding day, not only making me look good, but she also stepped up and took charge when I needed a wedding & bridal coordinator; she made sure that I had everything I needed, and that my family was happy on our big day. I knew I could relax and just focus on being a bride because she had it all under control!

Because of Liz, we were able to stay on top of our busy schedule, and she kept me calm and happy on my big day. The hair she did for me was beautiful and it was surprisingly comfortable which is never the case for an updo! And it stayed in place through the entire reception, even after dancing! She checked on me all evening to make sure I looked good and had everything I needed so I was actually able to relax and have a great time at my wedding! And because of Liz’s skill and attention, we looked stunning all day which helped make our wedding photos and video look even better so we really got the most out of our money.

We can’t thank Liz enough for everything she did, and for how fun and easy she made my wedding day! I highly recommend her to any future brides!
Wedding: 11/30/2013
— Kara

It was such a blessing to have Liz as my hair stylist for my wedding on 10/26/13. I’m so thankful to have received a recommendation for her from the lovely owner of Chateau Bellevie, where the wedding took place.

I live about 10 hours away from the wedding location, and unfortunately I could not make a hair consultation work beforehand due to time constraints on my end, even though Liz offered to rearrange her schedule to meet with me. I had a general idea of what I wanted my hair to look like, but really was looking to Liz for guidance.

My first impression of meeting Liz on my wedding day was that she was extremely professional and very confident about her job, which immediately put me at ease. She listened intently to the vision that I was going for and using the ideas that I said, we came up with a plan together before she began working on my hair. She frequently had me look at all angles of my hair as she was working on it, so I could be sure I was 100% satisfied with each step. She truly wanted me to have EXACTLY what I wanted on my wedding day!

The end product was phenomenal. Liz incorporated every aspect of what I wanted into the style and I absolutely loved the end result...everything came together flawlessly!

It was not enough for Liz that my hair looked beautiful...she wanted to make sure everything was perfect for my special day. After finishing my hair, Liz provided her expertise to make sure my dress and all of the accessories that I wore looked perfect...she is an amazing bridal stylist as well!! She also helped the mother of the bride and flower girl with style details at the last minute.

Liz Perniciaro is the one you want for your wedding! It was such a joy getting to know her, she became like a family member! The most important thing to her was making sure I looked and felt amazing on my wedding day, and I am forever grateful to her for making that a reality.
Wedding: 10/26/2013
— Courtney

Liz is an EXCELLENT stylist! She always captures my personality to a ti—even when doing my hair for different types of events. She’s efficient and professional, reasonably priced, and intuitive about her client’s desires. Most importantly, she’s committed to making sure that I have EXACTLY what I want for my events. I highly recommend her!
Wedding: 10/12/2013
— Sarah

I hired Liz to be the hair stylist for my daughters wedding. She was absolutely amazing! She made the trip to our house for a trial run and listened very carefully to what my daughter wanted on her very special day. On the day of the wedding, as the Mother of the Bride, Liz was able to keep me calm with her reassuring attitude and gentle spirit. She fixed my hair and I loved it and she even applied my makeup, which was not part of her job. She not only made my daughter feel like a Princess, she made me feel special as well. She was so very sweet and did whatever she could to help in anyway she could. After fixing the brides hair, which was absolutely beautiful, she offered to attend the wedding and reception to stay around afterwards to make sure our hairdos stayed in place. She was with us through the whole day and I feel like I have made a lifelong friend. She was such a joy to be around and her kindness towards us will never be forgotten. Hairstyling is not just her job, I think it is her ministry. Liz is amazingly talented and if you join her Facebook page, you can see many of her hairstyles.

I also want to add that Liz was always very easy to get in touch with and was always very professional. We had an appointment with Liz to do my daughters hair for her bridal portraits. Several days before the appointment, Liz called to let me know that she was in the Emergency Room with her husband. She wanted to tell me that she was not sure what was going to happen and that there was a possibility that she might have to re-schedule. Thankfully, her husband was fine (she did not have to re-schedule) but I was so amazed that she thought to call us during such a trying and difficult time.

If you are looking for an awesome and talented hairstylist then Liz is your person. She is absolutely the best and was actually recommended to me by a close friend who also adored her and her work.
Wedding: 08/03/2013
— Jamie

Liz is a true professional hair stylist with so much patience. She knows how to keep things moving smoothly in a timely manner which was vital for the wedding party she did when my daughter got married. She listened to my daughters, who was a personal shopper for Ralph Lauren and has very high standards, very picky instructions and was careful to create a look that complimented her style and personality. We were smart to have her stay for the wedding because she added helpful hints that added a special touch to the wedding attire and kept us all looking our best the whole day. She also went over and above her service and encouraged me with many insightful business tips for my business. I am a licensed skin therapist and makeup artist myself and wish I could partner with Liz in business if she would move to NY. Thank you so much Liz.
Wedding: 07/31/2013
— Most appreciated customer Mitzi Roque

Liz Perniciaro is an outstanding bair stylist, beauty consultant and a strong patient woman who not only listened to my every need, but went over and above to fulfill my dream of feeling the most beautiful on my wedding day. She works to perfection under pressure and was able to keep my nerves calm as I was so nervous about my big day. She also kept my crazy house in order, as my family and I were frantic and panicking about many last minute things to be done. I think that secretly she is a wedding planner because she is filled with so much wisdom and leadership qualities and helped my family and I with much guidance in that area. Being a native from NYC, and having lived in Sydney, Australia, I have worked for 12 years in high fashion with designers like Versace, Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana and have seen the best of the best in the beauty industry and was truly impressed with Liz’s service and her attention to detail. I will refer Liz to any bride to be as your hair stylist and beauty consultant. Your dreams will come true!
Wedding: 07/31/2013
— Jocelyn

Liz is a freelance hairstylist who does hair for weddings, performances, proms, etc. She has been doing hair for 40+ years! She did the hair for a wedding I was in back in March and she proved how great she was then. She works miracles with hair and can create the most unique and original hair styles! I hired her for my wedding after doing more research and seeing that she was by far the cheapest around, and i KNEW I could trust her to do a great job! All I wanted was my hair down with lots of curls. She took my idea further and added ‘rosettes’ and blew my mind with a fabulous ‘down’ do style. I would highly recommend emailing her for some photos of her ‘artwork’ and a trial run! She does not have a website, but I listed her email!
Wedding: 1+ year ago
— Krista

After hearing nothing but positive reviews about her styling and viewing pictures of her work online, my sister and I booked Liz for her wedding last June. She was willing to travel to where we are located, and met with us for a trial before the wedding day.

She was very attentive and kind and did not get angry as some stylists do when you’re trying to explain to them the style you’ve visualized in your head. She worked with me until we got it just right and replicated the style perfectly, even better the day of. She came promptly at our 5 a.m. start time and worked fast and efficiently. I have very straight hair and could not believe that my style stayed up, poofed, and in place the entire wedding!!!

I will definitely be flying Liz up for my wedding, just have to find a husband first ;o)
Wedding: 06/03/2012
— Jennifer

I have known Liz for years and have worked with her at a number of venues seeing her transform women for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries etc., including mine and my best friend when we got married. She is very thorough making sure to know your vision in advance of the event and will even test it out on you if it is possible. She is versatile and and is always updated on the latest trends and styles. She is personable, reliable and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair and makeup for an important venue.
Wedding: 03/17/2012
— Chanel

I really enjoyed working with Liz! She gave great ideas, wasn’t pushy, responded quickly to my communication, and took her time making sure that I had what I liked, and was able to drive all over downtown Raleigh (though it was 35 minutes from her home) in order to convenience me!
My three sisters and I all had our hair done by her (all in very different styles), and we all loved the finished product! My only recommendation would be to get two or more hair stylists for the day of (depending on your party size) simply to speed things along. Because Liz is so particular about each persons’ hair looking just the way that they want it to, she takes roughly 45 minutes - 1 hour/person and longer on the bride.
Liz is a great choice if you’re looking for a flexible, creative hair stylist who will make you feel like yourself and yet specially beautiful for your big day!
Wedding: 03/10/2012
— Jhoneyager

Liz did a really great job on everyone’s hair and she was willing to come to a site to do everyone’s hair together. This was really helpful so that we could all be together and remain on time. I was a bridesmaid in weddings on this date as well as in August 2011 in which she did my hair. Both times, I was extremely pleased! I would definitely recommend her services in a heartbeat!
Wedding: 03/10/2012
— Bethany

Hello, (a hoity toity) lol if that is how you spell it, lol
omg hello Ms. Liz, i haven’t been able to get in contact with you but i was wanting to tell you thank you for all that you did for me in my senior year, although you were just to be my mentor for my senior project, your were a mentor in life to me, i still remember when my ride had forgotten about me and you actually sat in your kitchen (until 1am) with me to wait for my parents, that meant a lot to me when we talked about how your child hood was and how my mom was and i vented to you when i hadn’t done that with anyone else, and you encouraged me, in telling me that everything would work out and taught me to not let the things of this world get me down and to always be joyful, i really appreciated that,and i don’t know whether or not you knew how much it meant to me then, but i just wanted to tell you it now, i owe a lot of my maturing into an adult to you, but i just wanted you to know that i appreciate you as a lovely woman of God and a beautiful person, and mentor on so many levels to me, even though our time together was short you really blessed me with your guidance and i will always remember it, thank you so much.
— Lakesha Love


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